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Business Development Program for Women Founders

Redefine your business and thrive

Business Development is all ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better. When entrepreneurs develop their business in solitude, this can be an arduous and demanding task. However, when doing it in a group while sharing notions and knowledge, it can be a fun and profound experience. And it can be especally challenging for female founders.

To make the Business Development process seamless for all women founders, we decided to take action and start tailored Business Development Program for Women founders, designed by women.

During the five weeks, this spring, women entrepreneurs from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will have an opportunity to learn how to develop their businesses and thrive.

To all the women founders, this program will help you to:

  • Rethink your business model,
  • Create a foundation for your content marketing,
  • Set your finances straight.

If you’re ready to redefine your business and thrive, join us!

WHAT is this program about?

The program aims to help you in the process of developing your growing business.

To be more specific: we want to support you in making your business sustainable and thriving. We see Business Development as a process for evolution, and we want to enable you to use it to achieve your goals.

At the end of the program, you will have:

  1. Redefined Business Model,
  2. Developed Branding assets,
  3. Defined Content Marketing package,
  4. Structured cash flow table.

WHO is running the program?

Cosmina Popa

Cosmina is passionate about building and supporting startups that make a real difference in the world. Over the last 10+ years, she has worked with entrepreneurs and teams from various corners of the world facilitating startup accelerator programs.

Her focus has been on building mentor and investor networks, creating curricula, and assisting founders to identify their purpose, raise investment and scale their business. Cosmina is also the co-author of “How to Be a Leader”, a book published by Pan Macmillan and The School of Life.

Christina Forster

Christina believes that every business, brand, or product has a story to tell. And a good one, too. This is why, Christina helps clients – ranging from big corporations to small social enterprises – to tell their impact by creating human-centered communication strategies for internal and external use. Throughout her career, Christina has worked in the fashion, sports, music, media, and IT industry with companies such as Red Bull, Nivea, Labello, Boden, and Cisco Austria.

In addition, she acts as a cofounder of Heartbeats Innovation & Communication. She is also an expert for Digital Marketing in the Impact Hub Vienna. Christina is currently based in Vienna.

Helena Habdija

Helena is an experienced educator, workshop and programme designer, conference facilitator and trainer working with startups, accelerators and youth organizations across Europe. She brings passion into everything she does. Helena is an exceptional people person, adept at building connections between individuals and communities of interest, active ecosystem and community builder. As an excellent communicator and mentor with highly developed emotional intelligence skills, she is able to motivate and build capacity and capability.

Helena is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and workshop designer, passionate and knowledgeable about tech startups and what it takes to build and grow a company from nothing.

WHOM is this program for?

Ideal participants in the program are:

Women founders with a early and growth stage businesses

Located in Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ready to grow and develop their businesses

To participate in the program you don’t need to have a team. All it takes is comitment that you can spend a day in the five-week period working on your idea.

WHEN will the program start?

Business Development program starts on Thuesday, March 24th, 2022.

Applications for the program will be open till March 21st.

HOW will the program look like?

Starting from March 24th, we will meet each Thursday, for the next five weeks.

The program includes five different workshops. Each of the workshops covers an essential part of your business development journey.

March 24: Designing Your Ideal Business Model, with Cosmina Popa
The purpose of the session is to gain clarity about why you are starting your business, and an understanding of key concepts around designing your ideal business model.

March 31: How to Build up your Brand, with Christina Forster
In this workshop, we learn about the connection of emotions and colors (Visual Identity), how to define a Brand Voice, communicate your Brand Values, and make sure that your brand is represented responsibly and sustainably (Responsible Brand Tree).

April 7: How to Create a Complete Content Marketing Package, with Christina Forster
In this workshop, we will create a complete Content Marketing package that will help you stand out in the online world and make sure that the right target audience receives the right message at the right time.

April 14: Defining Value Proposition, with Helena Habdija
What is the value of your product/service? Why would anyone choose you? What makes yours different from the competition? Learn how to summarize the answers to these questions in a simple and concise statement that communicates the most apparent benefits that customers receive for their money.

April 21: Financial Projections, with Helena Habdija
How to project monthly expenses and income? What does your cost structure look like? How much revenue does it take to generate over a period of time for a business to survive? Learn how to project and forecast needs, revenue growth, and decline via a cash flow table.

Workshop format

The program consists of weekly workshops (1-2 hours) + 1on1 sessions with experts. It is necessary to be present at all weekly workshops to graduate from the program and get 1on1 support. By applying, you are confirming your availability. All workshops are online and will take place on Zoom each Thursday at 17h, 24th of March – 21st of April.

WHY should you apply?

Rebuild your business

Find your brand voice

Structure your finances


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