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Entrepreneurial Support Organizations – how many do we really need?

There are enough ESO in your city to satisfy the needs and demands of startups? The answer is simple: Yes. Sometimes, we even have more than we need.

Giving back to the community

How to give back to your community? Betina shares a few interesting examples from members of Women Entrepreneurs Kosovo and Founder Network Kosovo.

Talk to a lawyer and accountant early on

Service providers, such as accountants and lawyers, are unfamiliar with startups and vice versa. So how to change that and make them collaborate successfully in the Balkans?

We need more mentors, not more advisers!

Startups in your city are primarily supported by advisers (consultants), not by mentors—TRUE or FALSE? For healthy startup ecosystem, we need both.

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Become our Team Member in Sarajevo

Are you interested in startups? Do you want to build a supportive startup ecosystem? Join us, the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program (Swiss EP), on our mission to achieve just that! We are looking for an Ecosystem...

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