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Connectedness on three levels

Have you ever wonder how interconnected are startup communities in your town? Here are conclusions made based on the interviews we did a year ago.

Back to the Balkans

Matthew Murrie is an author, entrepreneur, and lecturer, the Curiosity-Based Thinking & Learning method creator. He recently visited North Macedonia and shared his experience with us.

Support for early-stage startups in Serbia through Science-Technology Parks — Raising Starts new call

There are many different ways to support the development of the startup ecosystem. Today we will share a story of how the network of Science Technology Parks, which includes STP Belgrade, STP Niš, and STP...

WB IRP: Excellent learning opportunity for fundraising startups

Applications for the Western Balkans Investment Readiness are open. This extensive hands-on program will help startups from our region get funding for their further development. Here are the details about the...

innSono: a Serbian startup on a quest to change the audio world

Startups are changing the world; we already know that. What we might not yet know is how to recognize a world-changing startup when we see one. Here’s a hint: it’s highly motivated, involved in deep-tech, and...

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