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Media—there is light in the tunnel

The claim was: the media in your city are regularly reporting on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. And the universal answer seems to be: Hmm, not so much, but it’s getting better!

Balkan Gold

I recently got curious with Nikola Sokolov, the CEO and Co-Founder and I am excited to share insights from his story.

Corporations – what are they waiting for?

Large corporations in your city are actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem—true or false? What do you think?

Universities – why so low levels of involvement in the ecosystem?

Universities in your city are actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem—well, not exactly. Universities are perceived as one of the least active actors across Balkan entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Entrepreneurial Support Organizations – how many do we really need?

There are enough ESO in your city to satisfy the needs and demands of startups? The answer is simple: Yes. Sometimes, we even have more than we need.

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