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Success story from the community: Brainster

The Brainster is the regional leader in the ed-tech area, and highly engaged in the local startup community. But how did it all started? Petar Ninovski, founder and CEO of Brainster told us more about it.

Please, don’t try to control a startup community

We asked our interviewees “how strong are efforts to control people, activities and information in the startup community today?” and the state was the primary suspect. Justified or not? The interviews shared...

Sharing entrepreneurial success stories is gold

Success of peers is always inspirations, but it that the case on the balkans, too? We asked participants in our survey "How well is entrepreneurial success being recycled into the startup community today?" and...

Next Level Demos: Sales Demos That Close Prospects

Sales 2.0 is structured to respond to issues startups face when they communicate and negotiate with their leads and prospects. Experts who will be working with you are Katrin Kiviselg and Patrick Collins.

Content Marketing Program: Content Marketing as a Force for Good

Six-week long program focused on improving your Content Marketing aims to teach you how to create your Content Strategy and Content Plan. Lead by amazing Cristina Forster.

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