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Business Planning 2021 with Barbara Fischer – From the Perspective of Participating Ladies

Female founders community in Serbia and B&H worked with Barbara Fisher in the past couple of months on crafting their business plans for 2021. Both programs are finished, so let’s find out what are the impressions of the participants.

You already know that the female founders community in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina worked with Swiss EP expert Barbara Fischer in the past couple of months. Barbara was helping ladies to craft their business plans for 2021.

Both programs are finished. We were wondering what the impressions of the participants in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are. Now, you will hear more about programs from their perspectives.

Testimonials of participating ladies in Business Planning 2021, from Serbia

Business Planning 2021 was run by “Preduzimanje” and Milena Milić. Milena gathered a group of fifteen women entrepreneurs who wanted to learn and get to know each other. Here is what some of these ladies said about the program:

Good vibe, super handy business hacks, openness in sharing are only some of many excellent elements of the Business Planning 2021 program. Over the course of 5 sessions, a very interesting, selected crowd of femalepreneurs got a chance to develop their business ideas, connect and share notions about developing businesses, personal and professional challenges. For me personally, the biggest challenge was to pin down various important steps to take in some areas of business I am currently not great at. However, Barbara Fischer was very supportive and provided us with feedback on our tasks between sessions, which were skillfully led by Milena Milić. In such a short time, I get insights into which areas to improve and what to consider, but I also got a chance to plan in the right direction. I already took some steps toward improvement. I am very thankful for this opportunity, not just in helping my business grow, but also in feeling delighted to have met so many entrepreneurial like-minded spirits. Thank you for this opportunity. Count me in for similar programs!

Jelena Dimitrijević, Jelena CONSULTING

Business Planning 2021 workshops gave me some new insights into my businesses. During the process, I was able to put a structure and plan into my scattered ideas. It was great to hear amazing business hacks and find out some new tools that could be useful. Networking and chatting with fellow female entrepreneurs are a bonus that made this program with a very serious title actually super fun.

Bojana Mumović Peruško, Co-founder of FeJuice and founder of Humanitarni Bazar
Business planning 2021, Serbia

Testimonials of participating ladies in Business Planning 2021 from Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alema Pelesić from the Swiss EP team and Erna Šošević, founder of Bizbook, decided to get actively involved with the empowerment of female founders in the local entrepreneurial community. They gathered a group of seven “mompreneurs” who were actively working with Barbara. These are their impressions about the program:

Erna, the founder of Bizbook, was a key motivation for me to apply to the workshops. I knew that brainstorming with her and the people she chooses to flock with will result in useful and practical ideas that can be implemented in practice. Also, I wanted to learn how to plan and break down my abstract ideas into tangible ones.

Emina Z. Pintarić, Attorney at Law @ Zahirović – Pintarić

I loved the simplicity Barbara used to approach the business topic. The most valuable thing I learned here is not to complicate things that I don’t know and that every startup has the same or similar issues. Great power is in a group of people with the same problems – we can be each other’s mentors and supporters.

Aida Kosović, founder of Norma consulting

The most valuable thing I got from this project is meeting new people, a new way and approach to the topic we covered, tips and examples from others.

Marijana Klapić
Business planning 2021, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ivana Sabo