Startup Balkans—new investment fund for early-stage startups

Can you imagine getting funds for your fresh startup idea just by sending a video pitch to a VC fund? Without any additional questions asked. Well, with, such investments will be possible.

New VC fund,, is starting today. Located in Berlin, the early-stage venture fund provides frictionless early funding to tech-based startups. Now, news about the new VC fund is not a big deal. However, the way they are accepting inquiries certainly is.

To apply for funding with, you should use a 10-minute self-service online application where founders introduce themselves and pitch their idea through video integration. So, based on the video material you submit, the VC management will decide whether or not you’ll get the funding. No further interviews or documents are required.

After applying, you will know if you are accepted or not in just a few days. Upon acceptance, the fund will invest $25,000 and gain 10% company equity. It will also support the founders with setting up a business entity and bank account and offering a variety of partner deals to limit the capital required to launch a business. In addition, founders will be guided through their first steps of building a business and will join sessions with successful entrepreneurs on a self-service basis.

If you’re wondering who can apply, the answer is: the most desirable candidates are tech founders building software or Web 3.0 solutions. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. The venture fund is geographically agnostic, intending to support founders globally to embark on their entrepreneurial journey earlier and with less risk.

The good news for our region is that will first launch in CEE. As founders of the fund said, the CEE region has a strong tech talent pool that many venture capitalists have historically overlooked. So they decided to do the opposite and start their business with our region first.

The message from the HQ is clear:

We believe a large pool of extraordinary talent doesn’t have the financial support to start a business. With, we want to support entrepreneurship and enable the next generation of founders to be more diverse than ever!

Not to forget, was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capital investors who supported companies such as Revolut, Brex, Personio, Traveloka, Animoca Brands and Delivery Hero.

This is another exciting opportunity for all our startups to gain funding and experience and initial funding for their projects. With low entry barriers, it provides everyone with a chance. And it is up to you to decide whether or not to grab it.

Ivana Sabo