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Women In Tech: Blast From The Past – Nina Angelovska of Grouper, The Leading E-commerce Site In Macedonia

Swiss EP EIR Espree Devora did an excellent episode for her WomenInTech podcast with Nina Angelovska. Hear it and enjoy it.

Women In Tech podcast is hosted by our Entrepreneur in Residence Espree Devora. Espree is a founder of the WeAreLATech community and passionate about empowering women in all areas of technology based industries.

In her podcast, Espree usually features inspiring Women in Tech from Engineers, Female Founders, Investors, UX and UI Designers, Journalists who are sharing their stories about how they got where they are today. The podcast should inspire women and bring them “actionable empowerment” – this is how Espree describes the attitude that all listeners should walk away with saying “If She Can Do It So Can I”.

In this episode we will hear the story of Nina Angelovska, founder of Grouper, a “game changer” in the e-commerce market in North Macedonia. Even do the episode was recorded two years ago, it is still relevant and fresh. Enjoy!

Ivana Sabo