Startup Balkans

Success story from the community: Brainster

The Brainster is the regional leader in the ed-tech area, and highly engaged in the local startup community. But how did it all started? Petar Ninovski, founder and CEO of Brainster told us more about it.

Category - Communities

Different communities exists and share space in the Balkans. We will try to meet some of them and try to find out how they operate.

INTERA Technology Park

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Development, or INTERA Technology Park, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 2011 to stimulate and support the development of the economy in the...

Nova Iskra

Nova Iskra is a pioneering creative hub in the Balkans created to incite tangible connections between creative industries, technology, and people. Nova Iskra is present with three different work fields through the...

Innovation Fund Serbia

The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia is the fundamental state institution for supporting innovative activities and managing funding for stimulating innovation.